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Yamaha Tesseract - Not your run-of-the-mill motorc

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  • Yamaha Tesseract - Not your run-of-the-mill motorc

    WOW now this looks interesting! I wonder how it would be to ride it.

    Yamaha Tesseract - Not your run-of-the-mill motorcycle

    The Yamaha Tesseract concept for Tokyo Motor Show is a lot more than just being a motorcycle. Having 4 wheels for superior stability, the hybrid concept boasts both a V-Twin engine of undisclosed size along with an electric motor. Yamaha says that the machine is almost the same width as a standard motorcycle, meaning lane-splitting could possibly remain an option and parking won’t be an issue. Moreover, the machine touts a mechanism that helps the vehicle stand upright when stopped or when parked.
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    That thing looks SCHA-WEEEEEEEEEEEEET!


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