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    What would you guys do in this given situation?

    You just picked up a new customer for snow removal. They have never had a service company before do any type of service on their property. The first snow fall comes and it's like 3 inches of snow. You call around all of the customers around 3pm and notify them that the snow will be taken care of by 9pm that night. But this customer keeps on calling every hour wondering where you are at. What would you do?

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    I'd have snow removal proceedures written into their contract.Explain to them that,in order to save them money,you have a specific route to take and that you can't deviate from it,else you'd have to increase their price.Make it sound(and it's true) like you're doing them a favor and that's why you have a route.Do let them know that they will be taken care of though.
    It's funny how we have to coddle some people.


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      That is a good point...I like that


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        DROP THEM


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          Pull up to her property at midnight, hong your horn multiple times, pull down your pants, and MOON her. since she annoys you, you mine as well do it back!!! lol

          then send her a bill for a strip tease

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            yeah what he said /\


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