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Problem customer what to do.

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  • Problem customer what to do.

    Here is a story I was sent and was asked for advice on how to handle it.

    A landscape construction job was done for a friend of a friend. The person had asked and received a quite large discount because 'he was a friend of a friend.'

    The customer wanted the project done asap and was complaining throughout the entire process that it wasn't being done fast enough.

    The project has since been completed for a cople of weeks now and the lco gets a call from the client saying that the project is all wrong and it looks terrible and the client wants their money back.

    Do you give a refund or do you hold your ground?

    What is your refund policy?
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    Hold your ground big time. They have already received a huge discount. I would be willing to meet with the client to see what they are talking about and document it with pictures. If there are mistakes then they should be fixed, no refund though


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      Do not budge! Meet the customer @ the job too discuss the problem. Oh well if you do not get anymore work from this person if htey were such a pain to begin with.


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