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  • Winter in FL

    I live in FL, I wanted to know if the price should change now that I'm only cutting every other week instead of 4 times a week? Can any let me know if I should keep my pice the same...

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    Hi gman,

    Do you have these customers on a contract?
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      How are they setup as pricing? Are they are a set price plan each month (flat rate) or are they setup a being charged per service?


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        NO none of my customers have contracts, except when I do side work as far as tree trimming and planting and all the other fun things..And it is a flat rate for all my customers but as I start to advertise more in the slow season, I want to know if any new customers I get are going to get charge where I cut 4 time or 2 time a month?


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          where are you in fl


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            I'm in Sarasota and I also do work in Bradenton and Ellenton


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              My opinion on lawn maintenance:

              For the past three years I have been moving away from charging customers per cut, and instead having customers on a flat monthly rate plan. *This saves time and hassle when it is in regards to a bill.

              Usually how I handle it is customers without a sprinkler system are mowed on average 24 times a year, while customers with sprinkler systems are 28 times a year. *I then take those numbers and break it up in a 12 flat monthly rate for customers. *For example, Mrs. Jones gets mowed 24 times a year, at $30 each time. *After multiplying $30 times 24, and dividing by the 12 months, Mrs. Jones will be paying me $60 a month for 12 months. *

              Sometimes I may mow more, sometimes I may more less. *At least I am covered for 12 months though. *Another thing about flat monthly rates, especially for us Northern guys:

              Lets say that you have charged a customer four flat monthly rates so far. *I will take Mrs. Jones example up top. *So she has paid $240 so far, and has yet to receive a lawn mowing. *This makes the customer not want to cancel early too if they want to because they have already paid in $240. *She will not break even with her flat monthly rates until September. *Look below for what I mean:

              January $60 flat rate, $0 cost for mowing, +$60
              February $60 flat rate, $0 cost for mowing, +$120
              March $60 flat rate, $0 cost mowing, $180
              April $60 flat rate, $0 cost mowing, $240
              May $60 flat rate, $120 cost mowing, $300-$120= +$180
              June $60 flat rate, $120 cost mowing, $240-$120= +$120
              July $60 flat rate, $60 mowing (drought), $180-$60= +$120
              August $60 flat rate, $120 mowing, $180-$120= +$60
              September $60 flat rate, $120 mowing, $120-$120= $0

              I currently have approx 80% of my customers setup on a flat monthly rate plan. *It is the only way to go anymore


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                Yes I have a flat rate it is $80 for four cuts a month only on the basic size of the yard which is the same a 1/4 of a arce. and $100 for 1/2 and so on. Now taking with all my new customers I'm the cheapest around the area. One of my new customers told me that they were paying $240 of the same job that I'm doing for a $100. I see your point with a flat rate but I have to cut all year around when you northerns (which I was born and raised in NY) only have to cut 6 months. So I don't know if it is far to charge the same pice all year.


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                  We are also in FL. 90% of our customers are on a yearly contract. We bill them the same amount every month year round. It actually averages out cheaper by contract than by the cut. It can be $20-$120 cheaper for the customer to go with a yrly contract. You have to remember some months have 5 weeks instead of 4. When we point that out to the customers they don't have a problem signing a contract. The only customers we have on a per cut are vacant lots or someone who has their house for sale.


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                    Thank you

                    This will help me out alot.


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                      we are not that far from you we are in port charlotte if can help lit me now

                      barrys lawns n more


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                        Yes I'm in Sarasota if I hear a couple of my old customers were selling there home and move there. I wish I know that you were down there I would have gave them you number..... Maybe we could help both companys I will tell people about you if I here anything. I go as far as Palmer Ranch right now...


                        Girardi's Lawn Care


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                          Sounds good. We would be glad to tell anyone down here about you if we know they are moving to Sarasota-Bradenton area. Do you have a website?


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                            It is being worked on as we speak. But my email is I'm trying to get some commercial accounts I have one right now any advise will help? And I will let you know when the web sit is up and running


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