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    Now with this truck, that you are able to perform the job faster, can you see other parts of your business that will expand now because of it? For instance, if you are going to be delivering more mulch, will you buy more in bulk and keep it at your location? Will you also promote your mulch delivery services to others landscapers in your area that might be able to use the service?
    had not giving it much though but it is a good idea there are a lot of pick ups pulling little trailers doing lawn work around here so if they have more then 2 yards of so to deliver it would save them money to hire me to deliver it .

    bought snow plow mount for it today so gonna have 2 plow trucks for this winter
    Chris Hoeltke
    serving Winchester Virginia and surrounding areas
    C&S Lawn Service


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      It will be nice offering a service others can't do.
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