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  • Truck add-on

    here are a couple of pics

    One is of a little addition to it after realizing i was going to need a little more room when we have a full day of pressure washing, tree work, and yard work.
    Going to paint the wood black here soon and also stencil the new company name and number on it once the time comes. Also going to add a back gate on it to make it a little more secure.

    What do yall think?
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    Makes sense to me.

    Should look good. There's a grey ford near me that has the sides like that and his have been there so long the wood has greyed to the point where it almost matches the truck.


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      Now you have me wodering if grey might look better since the bumpers and rims are grey. . .


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        You should put some water sealant on it, so the wood doesn't rot.

        I also think if you paint it black it'll really look awesome!

        Good job!


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          With a white truck you can get away with almost any color.

          Your idea of adding lettering makes me think a darker color would be best to make the lettering stand out.


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            I dont want this to be taken the wrong way ,but .....nice rack !


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              Busy day in that first picture. Nice. That trailer is loaded. Good job on the truck man!


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                Truck add-on UPDATED!

                Thanks guys i think it will work out well.

                I decided to go ahead and paint it today and also went ahead and bolted it together with carriage bolts instead of screws. Makes it a whole lot stronger and looks like a little bling bling haha. The black really makes it look a whole lot better im very happy with the way it turned out.

                What do yall think?

                Sorry some of the pics are a little smokey we had a fire going.
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                  I think that looks great!

                  For those that don't have such a rack on their truck, how have you found that it has helped you? What benefits have you found from it?
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                    Looks great!

                    Using the bolts does make it look good - looks "industrial".
                    Makes it easy to take apart/repair if needed too.

                    When I added sides to my trailer, I used eye bolts on the bottom in place of standard bots. They do the same job of holding it together, plus they give me attachment points for using a tarp, or stretching a bungee cord over a load of branches.


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                      I like the eye bolt idea. I have a similar idea that i will be doing with mine. I do alot of rock climbing and have what are called bolt hangers that we use. They are used with 3/8 inch bolts which is what i used for the carriage bolts. I will mount several down each side on the inside on the existing bolts. I think it will work out well. Plus i already have a few extra so no added cost!
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                        Can never have too many attachment points.


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