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Homemade rake and shovle rack for open trailer

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  • Homemade rake and shovle rack for open trailer

    I posted pics in my other thread but thought someone may want to build one so I posted this in a new thread..

    All the metal is 1/8" thick I cut 2 main supports for 1x1 square stock at 2 feet I added a base plate 2inch wide by 4" long welded them ( dident want to weld it to the trailer cause I never know what I may want to place there later.

    Next I had some angle laying around so though I would throw it in just if i wanted to hang strap's or something off it I cut this at 3 feet long and welded to the top of the main supports

    Then I had 4inch wide flat stock that I cut down to 36inchs and drilled 5 holes in it 1/2inch from one side and 4inchs apart the holes were 1 3/4 round then welded the the main support on top of the angle should have 3inchs on the side hang over to do other thing with

    This whole thing cost around $12 to build, there was no way I was going to pay $40 to $100 to order one. Now just needs some paint
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    whats holding the tools at the bottom ,or are they just sitting loose ?


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      There just sitting on the deck for now cause I'm still thinking what more to add to this I do know I'm going to add a trimmer rack in the front of this and tie it together somehow. And I'm now going to weld it to the trailer so I could take them off for what ever reason's may come up. I'm also going to cut plywood 24inchs high and place on the inside of the trailer so I can get mulch without dumping some .And make up a back pack blower rack and gas can holders on the outside of the trailer so I can keep the trailer floor clean.


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        That is fantastic! How long did it take to make?
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          That is fantastic! How long did it take to make?
          30 to 45min the holes were what takes the time. But the whole thing cost's $12 cant beat that. And I just seen I spelled shovel wrong in the title lol wow must have been a long day.
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            Looks Great !! Good job on the design...........


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