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    I've never understood the point of buy new, buy used, or lease. Everyone has something that works for them. I bought a new car once, it broke down 2 weeks to the day that I bought it. Then it spent 28 days in the shop. I've bought used too. I just bought a used 2011 F-150 with 400 miles on it. Still had the "new car smell". I also bought my wife a new jeep compass. It took FOREVER to talk her out of a mercedes!!! I have friends who have leased cars, but I never have. My feeling is, I want something reliable. Not a headache. I don't have the time or patience waiting on a car/truck to be fixed. In 3 or 4 years, my truck and my wife's care will be back at the dealership, and we will be getting new cars. And for anyone who pays cash for an old used car, good on you. I'd rather finance and know my car will run fine for a few years.

    On the flip side, I couldn't justify monthly payments on a mower. I'd rather pay cash when the time comes. To contradict what I just said, I bought a new residential ZTR with a credit card. I got a lot of points from the credit card and got a $50 gift card from the points. I've had the mower for a month, and my credit card will be paid off next month. The reason I did this is because of the profit margin. The mower isn't going to take abuse, it's only me who drives it. It doesn't get too many hours, because I work a full time job. I'll finish this season strong, then go into next year with large profit margins. At that point I'll buy a commercial mower cash, depending on how my trusty Toro is doing.

    To sum it all up, everyone has a personal preference on what they like/do. But in the end, we all run a business and we all try to be succesful at it. Some of us will make it, and some of us will fail. But we are all giving it 110%.

    Congrats on your new Fiat, and enjoy it!
    Well said.

    This is my first new car, so I'm not sure how its going to go, it may be the most wonderful experience ever, or it may be awful. I have owned 3 used vehicles so far, and 2 out of the 3 I have had problems with. Fiat owns Chrysler, and a whole bunch of other car companies, so their dealership maintenance and work should be pretty fair priced. Another great thing is when you need maintenance done, they will come get your car for you and leave you a rental for the day then bring your car back, that is really nice.

    The only cons I see to buy a new car is you have a payment every month and the car depreciates, but then you have a warranty, a brand spankin new car that you get to choose exactly what you want, and you know how it has been drive in the past.

    Like you said, I really don't have a preference between used and new, I think some vehicles are okay to buy used like trucks and especially subarus

    I think its mostly a gambling game when you buy used cars, you may get lucky and have no problems, our you may end up paying double the cars value in repairs. Truth be told, I will probably by my fair of new and used vehicles in my coming life, thats if I don't become a homeless bum

    I just saw your edit: Thanks man! I think i am more excited about the car than my fiance is
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