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Hedge-mastering - Assorted hedge/shrub trim pics

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    Your customers must be super pleased with you when you are done! WoW!
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      Your customers must be super pleased with you when you are done! WoW!
      I did an ivy trim a few days ago for a regular mowing client.
      When I stopped today to mow, I picked up my payment in the usual spot and it was wrapped in a note...

      "Hedge, the ivy looks GREAT! Thanks!"

      Actually... I have pics of that job too. Gotta get them uploaded!


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        Here's an ivy trim I did a few days ago...

        I used the cheap trimmer again for the final cut along the ground on both sides...


        Now for the before/after shots...

        (first is a closeup)

        The entire job including unload, trim, cleanup, and load took 1 hour. I charged $50.


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          A shrub trimming job from a few weeks ago.
          Nothing amazing, but thought I'd post them anyway.


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            Good pics man. Nice work.


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              I was trimming some bushes today and I thought of you lol I always forget to take before pictures though. I need to get a pole hedger using a ladder is sketchy some times haha Hedge you do great work man


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                Thanks guys.

                Here's a shrub job I did a week or so ago. I still need to do the mulch, but I thought I'd post the shrub pics for now.

                The little shrub on the right looked like the one on the far left before I cut it...


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                  Boxwoods make excellent shrubs. They take to trimming very well.


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                    Speaking of boxwoods. I need to remove the lopsided, half-dead shrub in front up near the flagpole and I think that's what I'm going to plant.

                    I didn't take "before" pics of the whole job. I just shaped my inkberry holly shrubs yesterday.
                    The large, dark shrubs (one near the street and one behind the flagpole) are burning bushes, and were shaped about a month ago. These plants have all been here for about 7 years when I redid the front lawn and created the beds seen here. If I didn't keep those burning bushes regularly trimmed, they'd be massive by now.

                    Views from several angles....

                    These three inkberry hollies are in need of a trim. I don't think they get enough light here, as these ones are less "full" - especially on the back.

                    Over the years they have grown to the point where they touch each other making it tricky to trim them. Initially all three were equal, but the center plant grew faster, so I just started shaping them the way you see here.

                    I just used my cordless shrubbers for these three...

                    Like any big job. One guy working and three supervising...

                    Ignore the ivy on the ground under them. I still need to cut that back.

                    It can be a pain to keep up with, but they sure look better when you do.


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                      Nice work. Dont those cats run Cheeses crew??


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