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  • Hahaha!

    What a great start!

    Mechanic said it was a 'nail'.

    ^ WOW, really?

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    That's what happens when you drive on a flat and don't change it the tire comes off the rim....been there done that
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      OUCH have to 10 characters but the only comment is ouch


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        My question is why did you drive on it so far ?
        You made a $20.00 plug job into a $200.00 tire replacement.


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          I drove out of my driveway and around the block. The tire wasn't flat at all, two seconds into my drive and PLOP, the damn thing sinks to the left. I thought that I had fell into a manhole!

          I had the tow guy fill it with air so I could drive it to the shop, I didn't trust him when he said, "You should be fine". I wanted to know why, and how that what happened was even possible?!

          I didn't hit a bump, I was only driving 10-20km/h due to the sheet of ice we had in the morning, and to avoid getting hit by all the other cars slipping around all over the roads lol.

          Anyway, today freaked me out. I think my truck is cursed. I could understand if I had at least hit something, but for the tire to just fall off, even without first being flat? That freaks me out man! Brand new tires!


          Also, I had to drive it a little just to get it to the side of the road. It really hurt to do it, lol, but I didn't want any cars hitting my truck... VERY icy morning.

          Any ideas? The mechanic just said, "it was a beautiful nail" ... :S

          Could have been worse! Cost me: $45.00 :P *feels like I cheated death*
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            . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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              My bad luck spreads like wildfire. lol


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                Any tire that is deflated for any reason can easily pop the bead and look like that.

                It's a good thing you didn't destroy the rim.

                Maybe you can still patch it or put a tube in it and save the tire?

                You could also get a run flat tire insert

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