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Some of my stripes

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  • Some of my stripes

    i hope you enjoy my work.. i try to be creative even if it takes me a little longer lol
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    nice...what machine do you use on those lawns?

    does it have a striping kit?


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      these are my mowers none of them have striping kits. My howard price walk behind made the stripes in the first and fourth picture. My hustler z was the second and my dixie chopper did the third. I was thinking about getting a striping roller for my hustler but it seems to do a pretty good job without one.
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        Very nice work!

        Which ones your favorite mower? Or do you rank them in your head?
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          well i really like the hustler z its cut quality is really smooth even in 10 inch tall grass there are hardly any stringers left standing. its replacing my dixie chopper. Altho my howard price mower walk behind is 7 years old and has well over 1000 hours on it i have never had one bit of trouble with it. its cut qualty is good and its discharge of clippings is also very good. the fact that the mower deck pivots up and down really helps it contour the ground. i really wish howard price wouldnt have gone out of business


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            Very nice job. Good work like that will make your clients happy and in turn make you money! Keep it up!

            Thank You!
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              Nice stripes I particularly like the curve one you did with the chopper Its better than just straight and follows the contor of the mulch. Truth to be told its prob faster than mowing it straight. Of course you know I have a silver eagle also but do you use ur walk behind often? I have been thinking about buying one myself and would like someones input on it that uses one. I have been looking at a 36 in. John Deere that has 600 hrs on it. It will fit through a walk through gate, and all i have for that now is 21 in push job.


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                thanks for all the complements everyone To be productive i would say i couldnt live without a walk behind. Next year ill more than likely have to buy a new one due to the fact mine is showing her age lol it still cuts very nice but the controls are very old skool and after a long day of using it im very worn out haha ( i know poor me). Im eather gona go with the exmark or scag walkbehind probably somewhere around the 48 inch or 52 just for small yards and hillsides... i use my zero turn for everything else. I like the pistol grip style even tho its a lil harder on your hands but it just gives you far better control on the super steep slops


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