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Recharge Mower by Recharge Mower.

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  • Recharge Mower by Recharge Mower.

    Have you all heard of the Recharge Mower?

    It's a new rechargeable mower that allows for up to 3 hours of cutting time on a single charge. It's eco-friendly and a super machine that I can't recommend enough.

    Product Details:
    Blades: 2 x 900w electric motors
    Drive: 900w forward and reverse drive
    gear ratio: positive engage
    grass Catcher: 3 Bushels (90 liters)
    Speed Control: Hand Mounted
    Blade Control: Instant Start 3800 rpm
    power: 36v38Ah Battery System
    Batteries: 3 x Sealed rechargeable
    Charge power: 110v
    Smart Charger: 36v3Ah
    Cutting Height: 5 Adjustable levels
    Speed: 4.3 mph forward (7 km)

    Safety Features:
    Operator presence Switch
    Blade Safety Start Switch
    Audible reverse warning Indicator
    Front Mounted Headlight - Switchable
    Drive Interruption Safety System when braking
    positive engage Hand Brake
    reverse Blade Disengagement

    Best of all, it cost about 55c for a charge. That's 55c for 3 hours of cutting time. How much gas would it cost to do the same?

    I'm really in love with this machine and think you would be too.

    Recharge Mower: A Greener Lawn. A Greener Planet.

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    OK for a homeowner but not a lawn care business.
    Made in China: I won't even consider it.


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      That what we will see in the Future, hopefully American made!

      longer charge is needed!
      Artie Crowley


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        Hi CaseyRetrop

        Welcome to our forum.

        Can you tell us some background on how the company got started? I bet there is a really interesting story.
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