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Look At All The Sites You Could Be Seen On With Localadlink

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  • Look At All The Sites You Could Be Seen On With Localadlink

    In response to my earlier post, I thought that if I list some of the sites that we send our advertisers to, maybe they would really understand and grasp the power or LocalAdLink.

    These are only a handful of the sites that we list our advertisers on targeting local customers in targeted zip codes that you want to target

    GOOGLE, Yahoo, About, Ask, Allexpert, CNN, Wall Street Journal, HGTV, Martha Stewart,, DavesGarden,, Popular Mechanics, Motor Trend, MLB, Napster, Monster, Yahoo, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Rolling Stone, Men's Fitness, Twitter, Cheap Flights, Redbook and so many more.

    So you see, that for about 3 dollars a day, a business can not only be on these sites and be seen while your local area customers are surfing the net, we optimize your website by making you appear popular by being seen on all these sites.

    It seems very complicating but this all happens in seconds with our technology. I just hate to see businesses waste money on fliers that just get thrown away, pay for Google ad words and pay per click or even list in the Yellow pages. DON'T WAIT FOR SOMEONE TO FIND YOU>GO FIND THEM!

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    Alternative methods

    Many businessmen may think they have the advertising taken care of but unless you are getting in front (related websites) of their customers, they are not going to get the business they are looking for.

    The key point is getting in front of the customer in various ways, over and over again.

    I hope that their are some go-getters that can see the point


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