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New marketing idea.

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  • New marketing idea.

    Came across this site. Might be of use for people. check it out here.
    Northern California

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    Neat idea, Though kinda quirky? I mean how many people would be impressed enough to use your services just because you gave them enough grass seed to cover 6 square inches of their lawn? I guess it's just a statement. I could work I suppose. Are you trying this out Little's?


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      You know this is a great idea. You could do this with grass seed or with flower seed. I have been given flower seed packets in the past with promotional information on them and for some reason I just can't throw them out. I am always thinking I am going to plant them.

      Maybe you could also put an image on the envelope to let the holder know what kind of flowers or grass seed is in it.

      If this mentality keeps your business card in the hands of others for a longer period of time then fantastic! It served it's purpose.
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