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    alright all my gopher buddies... you told me you'd show me some support when I got some more products in... so check us out

    Click here to see...

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    I just checked out the site and it looks like you added girls hats too! Nice work!
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      thanks for the support steve... still waiting for all my boys who told me theyd buy stuff when the store was up and going... lol


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        I will buy something. Just need to wait a few days, money is tight right now. I like the hats. Is there plans for girls shirts?
        Northern California


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          oh yea man... a complete line of mens and womens shirts... were taking things week by week... need startup money for the landscape side, so wifey put the brakes on my buying for friction... but we are sponsoring the fighter in ac... we have a bus ride, ticket, tshirt, and beer for 100 dollars... proceeds will be split between me and the fighter...we are going to invest in more clothes... by July, Im hoping to have 6 mens and 6 womens shirts available for sale.... ill keep ya posted on here.... also anyone here who does buy, use the coupon code "friend" or "friends" (forgot which one I used) and get 20% off... its not much, but it helps me make a little profit to get more inventory... thanks again for the support!!


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            oh, and by the way... the hats look and fit really good!!!


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              order now


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