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    We are a group of high school engineers looking to solve the problem regarding the excessive volume intake of yard waste in yard bags and making the bagging process more user friendly. We are currently in the design generation of our project and require the input of potential consumers. If you could, we would greatly appreciate it if each person could use the link posted below and answer the survey questions truthfully to the best of their ability. Our survey will take less than five minutes to complete. Thank you in advance.

    link to survey:
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    So basically you are trying to figure out how best to deal with yard waste like leaves? It seems currently most contractors will either mow over them with mulch blades on their lawn mowers or blow them into a pile and suck them up into a truck. I would guess only a small percentage bag the leaves and even a smaller number use some sort of shredder.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?
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