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  • NEW ** Grass Handling Equipment

    Todd Graus is the inventor of the BioPac’r™ and a 35 year veteran of Agriculture and Horticulture. Yellowstone Compact & Commodities, Corp. of Jackson Hole, Wyoming is announcing the release of their new Grass Handling Equipment that saves the user daily trips to the landfill and all that labor associated with kicking the load off. This unit will cost half the price of current dump bin type grass handling trailers.

    The BioPac’r™ will compress clippings into a very tight bundle 3-4 pickup loads of grass clippings before the need to unload. These compressed clippings, twigs and leaves are then unloaded into a form fitting silage bag that converts this biomass into high quality livestock silage.

    The BioPac’r™ is a “Patent Pending” landscape waste compactor, designed to convert lawn clippings into a safe, dependable supply of Lawn Clipping Silage™.

    The company is beginning to connect the 90,000+ landscapers nationwide that will be using the BioPac'r in 2013 with livestock producers. The goal is to begin supplying an additional low cost feed source.

    Twenty-three (23,000,000) million acres
    of lawn clippings are being thrown away each week into landfills, shortening a landfills life expectancy. The solution to this environmental problem, this biomass can be sold as a feed grade livestock silage product adding dollars into the pocket of the landscapers during the winter.

    Investors, Purchasers, Distributors and Livestock producers wanted.

    Visit our site for more information: Http://

    Watch the BioPac'r unload 3 days of grass clippings in 50 seconds:
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    Jackson Hole Wyoming

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