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  • Dont' open this thread! FREE!

    Hey guys Upscale2 here. A buddy of mine sent me some info. about this Online Printing Company that is starting up soon.

    Business Cards, Banners, Postcards, Yard Signs, Brochures etc.. are all available from this company.

    Here is the kicker.......the prices are very competitive as you will see. What is interesting is, you get money back for being a member. So if you do some print work for yourself, you actually get an additional cash kickback!!!!

    So lets say CHEESE signs up and all of you sign up under him, He is a RICH MAN. Or DUCKE signs up first then all of you follow, then DUCKE is a RICH MAN.


    Yes it is a direct marketing company in BETA launch. Can you make money in direct marketing yes and no.

    At the very best you will be saving a SHAT load on your printing!! Whats wrong with that!!

    Now some will say, direct marketing sucks!! Well, Warren Buffet owns a direct marketing company called the Pampered Chef. I bet he ate well last night!

    I'm in guys!! Who is going to sign on first!!

    It's FREE!!!

    Go to my link and look this whole site over!!

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    I use and they (as well as others) offer discounted pricing/rewards when someone is referred by you.

    I've never bothered to give out my "code" here. I'm not interested in spamming the forum looking to make a few bucks.

    Nothing personal. Just pointing out that the "reward system" isn't anything unique to this place.


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      Hedge, I'll take note of your comment. Thread was started in "Promote your products and Services" area. So I don't consider it spam.

      Furthermore, it may save some of these guys some money on their printing. Plus maybe make some guys a "few bucks" that could really use it. From what I see on this forum many are being adversely affected by our poor economy.


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        I think all print companies do this.

        The website isnt even loading.


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