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  • $1 Hosting

    Being a small business myself, I have always tried to find things that will help the little guy and I think that I may have found one.

    I am now able to offer hosting for 1 domain for $1 per month or $12 for the entire year. There is no reason that you should not have a presence on the web. Domains can be had for $12 or less and the Hosting now for $12 so for under $25 you can have a web presence.

    I will within the next week have the ability to also register domains but you can register them other places and point them here to the hosting account very easily.

    The hosting comes with unlimited email with web, pop and imap access. Unlimited databased and all the normal things that go along with the sites.

    The site is partially finished and you all are the first to hear about it. If anyone wants this hosting let me know and I can put that in manually. Contact me at hosting @

    If you are building a new site, now is the time to start so that you have the time to rank it before spring.

    Make it all before the world ends next December....

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    That's a great deal, man! If I didn't already have hosting I'd jump on it.
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      can't seem to get there from here haha. dont thnk that your link works, please try again


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        There is no link yet. I am still working on the integration to the site. What a pain that it... LOL


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          what ever became of this are you still in business with the hosting at this price .
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