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    Just ordered some magnetic business card holders. Artie is excellent to deal with and this thread definately needs a BUMP



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      BUMP it up! Thank you all!
      Artie Crowley


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        An email I got today...

        A few days ago, I was pumping gas and parked at the outer pump near the street. I saw a lady walk by and noticed her turning around. "Excuse me, do you mow lawns in this area?", she asked. "Yes, I do", I replied with a smile.
        "Can I take one of your cards?"


        Funny. Again yesterday while at another gas station, I noticed (through the truck cap side window) a lady walk over from the other row of pumps. She was obviously focused on the card holder. I kept doing what I was doing and afterward noted that a card had been taken.

        Last week while mowing at a client's house, a dog walker stopped and took a card. She didn't see me standing near the back of the truck as she took the card, but when she did, she told me she took a card, and that she lives "down the hill".

        I CONSTANTLY hear "That's a GREAT idea!" in reference to the card holder.

        I was talking to some roofers who were working on a house I went to for an estimate. They were initially drawn in by my mower on my cargo carrier on the back of the truck, but when they saw the holders, I heard "Hey, Bob you gotta get one of these for your truck!"
        We chatted a bit, I gave them the web address for the card holders, and as I was about to leave, the older guy came back and said "I'm gonna take one of your cards - I own a few rentals in the area - maybe I'll give you a call."

        These card holders are a really stupid idea.
        Your absolutely correct, getting your business name out in front of people who are looking for your service, and willing to give you money is the stupidest idea I have ever heard of!


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