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    You know, I was thinking about the "How many cards do you see being taken?" question...

    Honestly, no matter what someone says in response to that question, it's mostly irrelevant, because everyone will have different results. There are SO many factors that come into play when determining the effectiveness of such a marketing tool.

    The way I see it, if it gets your info in the hands of just a handful of people, it has paid for itself. If you gain just ONE client as a result, do you not think that would cover the $6-$13 investment? I do.

    I don't look at the card holders as a marketing plan in themselves - just like the lawn signs I use, I see them as one of many pieces of the marketing puzzle.

    And how can you argue with FREE SHIPPING?!!
    (Shameless plug for my man Artie. )


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      I get more cards taken when I am not working - usually on the weekend when I am out running around.
      Evansville Lawn Mowing
      Newburgh Lawn Care


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        My order arrived today. (Thursday)

        I placed the order late Sunday night.
        Monday was a holiday.

        Do teh maths.

        Gonna start calling you "Fast Artie".


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          Damned kids took more cards today.

          Different kids at the same stop. I put my new "neon yellow" card holder on and that thing is like a magnet to the eyes! They were drawn right to it. I happened to see them and they went right for it. Why the second one had to take one is beyond me. I saw the second kid ask the first one what it was and he showed it to her. Cripes, it's not like they are free passes to an amusement park - what the heck would they want the card for? I'm waiting to get crank calls now. LOL

          That neon yellow lid is amazing. I took some pics today and I'll see if I can get them uploaded to show how much more noticeable they are than the green lid.
          The plastic gathers the light and the edges literally "glow" - it's awesome.


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            I had two people ask for cards today.

            One was driving and stopped as I was unloading the mower. He gestured to the card holder and asked if he could have a card.

            The second guy lives across from where I was cutting amd I stopped to talk to him for a minute at one point. Later, as I was loading up, he and his wife were leaving in the car. He started up the street, stopped, and backed up to where I was at and said "Hey, can you give me one of your cards?" Again, gesturing toward the card holder.

            Neither one "took a card", but both were prompted to ask for one after seeing it. Something I had never thought about before.


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              It's amazing how a little tweak in your marketing can make such a big difference.
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                Well I ordered up two of your holders today Artie.
                I had one of the black oval holders but it fell off and now i don't remember were I put the stupid thing.
                But I think the clears holder will work better as it is pretty self explanatory were everyone was asking whats that black thing on the side of your truck and then they had to figure out how to open it.
                I like the clear box with the coloured lid simple but able to catch the eye.
                I will keep you posted as to how it goes down.


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                  I had two people take cards today as I worked.

                  The first was a lady who said "That's a really good idea - that... thing... with your cards for people to take."

                  The second was a guy who I assume lives across from the place I was cutting. As I packed up, I said hello (ALWAYS say "hello" to people!), and he commented that the lawn I had just cut looked "nice". I thanked him for the compliment and he then stated that he took one of my cards, as he gestured to my "thing" on the side of the truck. LOL


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                    i think that i am going to get one of these esp. the one that hooks onto the window to many thiefs in some areas that i go to


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                      i think that i am going to get one of these esp. the one that hooks onto the window to many thiefs in some areas that i go to
                      I started with one of those. Ever time I turned around I said "DOH! I should'a put it on the OTHER side!" as I watched people walking by on the side with no card holder.

                      I got another, then I got tired of forgetting to put the window down before I shut the truck off, having to put the key in, window down, hook in window, window up... BAH! I just went with the magnetic ones and you just slap 'em on whenever and wherever you want. Hey, it's a low cost form of supplemental advertising, and it's a tax write off, so now I have several - the extras can go on my wife's car when I take it out.

                      I can certainly understand the "security" issue though. Most of my areas are "low-crime", but I'm waiting for a kid to just walk off with one.


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                        yeah i didnt even think about that before i bought one of them i was just going to leave it on my back window since my back windows are pop out's no rolling down lol i will be getting another after i test out this first one


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                          Artie, thought you'd like to hear this one...

                          Last week I was loading my mower onto my truck and I hear "That's the coolest thing I've ever seen".
                          I looked up, wondering if this person walking by was talking about my cargo carrier on the back of my truck (I get a lot of inquiries as to where I purchased it), but then he followed up with "It's a business card holder on the side of this guy's truck - that's a GREAT marketing idea!"

                          He was talking to someone on his cell phone as he walked by. I just chuckled and nodded as he passed by.

                          Oh, and two times last week someone took a card while I was working on a lawn. Sweet.


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                            Thanks guys! I have new things all the time!

                            It has been so busy!
                            Artie Crowley


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                              Bump this up!

                              Thanks for all the orders!
                              Artie Crowley


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                                I just sent your web link to someone on an unrelated forum after she saw a photo of my truck with a card holder on it and asked where I got it.


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