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An opportunity for you to make extra cash!

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  • An opportunity for you to make extra cash!

    Xtreme SEO & Design (me), is offering extremely generous commission packages to anyone that refers us to a new client. You DO NOT need to do any selling for us, just get us a meeting and we'll take care of everything else. We do all the selling, you just sit back and collect.

    The commission will be 10% of the first year's ENTIRE contract. So for example, if your referral signs a 6-month contract for $600 a month, that's a $360 check made out to you, after the third payment is made. In another example, a client could sign a $1,000 per month contract for one year, that's $1,200 in commission! You don't wait the entire year, you get paid the full commission amount after the third payment is made.

    If you are an employee of a firm and you refer your boss, we will STILL pay you a commission (and your commission agreement is kept CONFIDENTIAL!)

    Our firm specializes in Digital and Internet marketing. Our clients DO NOT need to have a website to make use of these services:

    -Google Optimization (Getting to the first page of national and local Google searches for certain keywords)
    -Google Local Listings
    -Social Media Marketing (Designing a fanpage and rapidly gaining thousands of fans on Twitter and Facebook every month)
    -Email Marketing

    These methods lead directly to more business for our clients and pay for themselves within months.

    Friends / Family with new or growing businesses

    Your clients or the clients of your firm
    Your own firm that you work for (some of you have jobs)
    Restaurants / Local Businesses

    If you think you know anyone who's business could use these services (that's essentially everyone) then please get in touch with me to discuss how we can arrange a meeting.

    This is not limited to only lawn care businesses as we can handle any business type (except adult) and this is separate from the offer posted earlier for the link building because that has no contract attached. As a matter of fact, we have a sealer manufacturer under contract at this time.

    I have a referral agreement available that protects both of us.

    I can be contacted at 406-465-9334 or pat @

    Here's to everyone making some $$$$$

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    Are you able to put some kind of banner or link on the company pages you work with or is that not a good idea?
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      I probably could, but I think that is kind of tacky. I do put a text link at the bottom of sites that I build but not the ones that I do SEO work for.


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        Since I referred myself, If I decide to go with you, will I get these savings upfront in the quote?
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