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    There are two options for "location" - the "pinpoint" (actual address) OR "service area". They CLEARLY state that I can use either - I chose the latter, as it makes a lot more sense.

    Are you saying I can't use a service area?

    Also, what good will adding hours and photos do if it says I need to "verify" my listing. (When I've already done so in order to create the listing in the first place)
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      Using an address close to where you want business from will help your rank with places/maps. Probably does not make the most sense for a service business, but that is how it works.
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        can't remember, but after you add your location can't you select a service radius in miles of your coverage area. I do remember after I changed my business name that I had a hard time getting one changed over and getting only one of them to show up and the other one off after numerous tries. It was a pain to see both being listed and when you clicked the old company name it would take you to the new one, it took some time for it to happen, but will tell you it was worth getting it figured out. I get a lot of calls from people searching the internet for lawn care in my service area.

        Push through it, it will be worth it in the end.
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          I discovered today that my listing is now showing.

          woo hoo.

          I have no idea why all of a sudden it shows up, but it does, so "yay", I guess.


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            It be interesting to see if there is an uptick in site activity because of this listing.
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