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    "Title: Local Resident offers his own stimulus plan.

    With our ecconomy in a downward spiral downward and the federal government offering up a new ecconomic recovery plan every week, local resident John Smith has an anwser on how to fix this mess we are in.

    In one word he summed up his plans "jobs. we need to create jobs. WE can no longer rely on our current employer to protect us in the Ecconomic downturn. Business are going belly up all over the place It's our duty to harness our energy and creativity to create jobs.

    John Smith is the owener of Smith's Lawn Care which has operated in the area for the past X years. "if we each take a moment to think about what our skill set is we could create a business and create jobs today. Right Now! We shoudln't be looking to the government to hand us an unemployment check. We need to create jobs and handout a pay check. WE need to make our township, county, state, and country the best it can be.

    Each one of us can do something another person needs.Can you baby sit? can you Cook? Can you Cut lawns? Can you paint a house? Can you build a website? Figure out what you can do and do it. Then hire some help.

    With this spring just around the corner John plans to hire local residents to help preform lawn Care and landscaping services. "if we can each do a little we Can all do a lot!"

    President John F. Kennedy Inuaguarl address concluded with the famous line "And so my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Now more than ever we need to fix the ecconomic situation. WE have the power to fix this situation and we can fix it if each one of us gets up and takes a step forward and reaches out to others to help them"

    - Gopher Haul Extreme Lawn Care Business Tips
    Page 79

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    Could this still work as press release since there isn't much talk of Stimulus plans in the news right now? Also how many news papers should this be sent to?

    Sorry for all the Typo below i was trying to finish before dinner.


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      First off it never hurts to try. If you send this out to the paper, I would include a picture of yourself and your mower.

      Make it seem like you are trying to create a positive impact on your community and economy.

      Even if the paper doesn't go with your angle, they may decide to write an article about a new up and coming entrepreneur.

      Any attention in the paper would be good.

      Keep us posted on what you decide.
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        Now is that a Photo of me on my mower?


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          Ideally, this is all about you. You want to promote you so yes you would want to have a photo of you in the press release.

          Keep us posted on how all this goes.
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