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Please do not enter Decided to try a new... Thread

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  • Please do not enter Decided to try a new... Thread

    please do not enter Decided to try a new... thread I accidently posted a virus script into the forum thinking the javascript would not activate. I was wrong and it is showing up on google. I have messaged steve to remove my post.
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    I visited the site in IE, Chrome and Firefox and not one of them gave me the screen you got. I did find the line of code from advantuspayments and it is in EVERY wordpress install. It is the last line in the index.php.

    Read your screen again carefully so that you understand. It says that the site has content from advantuspayments and they were known to have a virus not my site. I did remove that line from all my site and I even went and checked some other well known wordpress sites and they have that line there.

    If you check it now you should not get the screen as I removed the reference. Thanks for pointing it out.

    If you really want to check a site for viruses go to and submit the url for them to check. Here are the results for search engine


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      For anyone reading this, it has all been resolved.
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