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  • Eco Lawn: Grass Seed

    Hey Everyone. I Posted this same message i wrote in the wrong area before. Sorry. But check it out.

    Hi Everyone, My name is Dave, I've been a member for a while but had to change my email. So I reassigned up.

    Any how. I wanted to give away a big tip i have been using for a while.

    Its Called The "Eco Lawn."

    Eco lawn is a grass seed. The reason I like it so much is because It makes me look really good to my customers.

    Some lawns that I service in my area had a real hard time growing in DEEP SHADE, Clay, Sandy soil, Unbalanced soil etc.

    Quick story!

    Many years ago One of my first clients named Phyllis let me apply the eco lawn to her Back lawn (which NEVER grew in FULL & Lush as long as they remember). The front lawn was always NICE & LUSH but the back Just would not grow well. (Thin and very bare in some areas) Even after all the correct professional practices. (Ive been in lawn care for 15 years with many happy client)

    No solution would ever worked for years. Except The Eco Lawn. I return a few weeks after i applied it and WOW!!!!!!!. It was sooo full MY CREW thought we wouldn't be able to mow it.

    I got so many stories like this. Also I have all these clients phone numbers and they are even willing to verify this and recommend people. "They are that impressed". (I want to asked them before I post their phone numbers on the forum though)

    Now whenever I get into that situation with new clients I JUST GUARANTEE THEM I CAN GROW THEM A LAWN or they can cancel. Whenever a prospect goes for this test, i have pass every time I have done it.

    BUT REMEMBER they GOT TO WATER FOR THE FIRST FEW WEEKS TO GET IT ESTABLISHED. Then you win. You gave them a lawn they never could achieve. AND That always makes us look so good.

    Ive been doing lawn care for over 15 years and this stuff really worked for me.

    #1 - First It grows very deep roots which means your clients don't need to water as much. Or not at all

    #2 - Grubs hate it.

    #3 - Its good in Drought season (deeper roots get to more moisture)

    #4 - Grows in deep shade

    #5 - It grow to about a 7 to 9 inches But we mow it on a 3" weekly to keep the property looking polished.

    #6- Plus its Environmentally Friendly too

    #7 - Also it saves OUR Clients on water.

    I want everyone one to know about this. Please remember I use it only for problem lawns or areas. I still use my regular kentucky Blue grass etc on our existing lawns. But many people have us convert there whole lawn which is an additional job we bill pretty well for. (BLACK LOAM SOIL & ECO SEED) = $

    note you don't really need to add soil to grow it. Its just our practice. To ensure.

    We have all of our clients on contracts. So in slow growing season it benefits us a lot.

    Any how I said a lot. But if you have these issues you may want to try this.

    See it online. I Advise all lawn care people to check it out.

    you can buy it online @ ITS VERY FAST SHIPPING. Check it out: see the pic n vids there too. Thanks everyone. Hope it helps


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