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Christmas Special - first 10 only

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  • Christmas Special - first 10 only

    I have decided to give out a Christmas special to the first 10 people. Start the year out with a bang.

    $100 per month link building campaign. 250 links per month from Page Rank 3 and higher sites, including some .edu and .gov sites. You will get proof of links as of the date of the report. Not only do I put out the links on these sites but I also let the search engines know about the change so the link gets indexed faster.

    In the report you get the following

    1. Url where your link is located
    2. Page Rank of site
    3. Link Destination (where the link goes i.e. your site)
    4. Link text (keyword text used for link)

    These are verified links. Not all links submitted will be approved so I go back and check to see that they are there.

    Open to the first 10 people only.

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    That is a great offer!
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      I wish i had a web site ... next season...

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        I wish i had a web site ... next season...

        Why don't you have a website? You can make a very simple one for free at Let me know if you have any questions. I was very happy with them. Very easy to use.
        Take care,


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          this is great..i will begin hosting my website in January so id love to optimize it.
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            [QUOTE}$100 per month link building campaign[/QUOTE]

            I would love to!!! but how long should a link building campaign go for? As I couldnt spend that much long term... but then again the increased business would pay for it......
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              Ideally it should be steady but I have had success with 6 months on and 6 off. It all depends on your competition and the area you are trying to rank for. Some results happen in a few days and others take months to see the results. The key is to not get your site thrown into the sandbox.

              You see another thing is that you could build more links and just let the search engines find them on their own so they trickle in over time. This allows you to build a lot more at one time without hurting your site.

              I have not done 3 on and 3 off but if someone want to try it we certainly can And I can add another 100 links for being the guinea pig... LOL


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                I wish i had a web site ... next season...

                Dude there is no reason for anyone to be without a web site. Google does have it's limitations but Google Sites is only $10 a year for the site and domain and email the last time I had one. They also have an online WYSIWYG site creator.

                One limitation is not being able to put a PayPal button on there because they want you to use Google Checkout.