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    Here's an idea -
    create your flyer/ad/postcard.
    Place it in a zip-lock baggie with a few of those decorative white stones.
    Throw them in driveways.
    They'll stay protected, weighted down, and get noticed.
    Faster than mailbox hangies or door hangars.
    No, don't. Don't litter. Don't put garbage in people's driveways or yards. Just don't. It's trashy, classless and pure, straight-up ghetto.

    Not only would I make sure to NOT hire you but if you throw garbage in my yard and I'll make you miserable. MISERABLE!
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      Wow only 20 mins. to say bad idea and add to the list people hire lawn care companies so they don't have to bind over


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        Sorry, I didn't mean to rip the newbie a new one. I just hate, hate, HATE this idea. It's not the first time we've dealt with it before and I've dealt the same devastation on another forum.

        It's just not a good thing to do. I imagine it's also illegal. Fines for littering are $300 per incident in this area. Imagine getting busted for throwing 200 baggies. That's $60,000!
        Boughter's Lawn Care Services Mowing and Fertilizing in New Castle, PA


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          Since the grass is growing now is a good time to zero in on people that don't want to cut their lawn or lost their landscaper. We copied an idea off this biz card company we seen on line. They build rubber bands into the biz cards. we just staple the rubber bands on.( a bit time consuming, just do it while your watching tv or something) Its only 2 cents each instead of six. Since the grass is growing anytime we see a house that could use some work we attach it to their mailbox flag. They have to take it off, even to just throw it away. LOL
          I have put a hole in the corner of the advertisement and put a rubber band through the hole then through the rubber band, no staples needed.


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            I have put a hole in the corner of the advertisement and put a rubber band through the hole then through the rubber band, no staples needed.
            That's what I've been doing, and hanging 'em on the door.

            Aaaaand yeah, what Mark said. It seems to me it shows every reason not to hire the company that does that.

            Hanging on mailboxes is just as bad as IN...all parts of the mailbox are off limits as per my friend's father that has worked for the post office for 30 years.

            It's hard enough to get a call from fliers, why make it worse by pissing off the homeowners?


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              I was planning to go put one up tomorrow.

              Around here, there are hardly ANY places that still allow things on bulletin boards unless it's for a non-profit organization.
              I found one grocery store that does, and I've gotten a few decent clients that way.

              Does it work better than Craigslist, or paid advertising? Nope.
              Did it pay for the time I spent designing my ad, printing, and hanging it? Absolutely.


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                I apologize for getting anyone PO'd here!
                IF a company is considering door hangars or hanging flyers or biz cards on mailboxes, I offer the baggie idea as an alternative. Distribution is faster, and I personally (YMMV) find it less obtrusive or 'trashy' than the others.
                I got the idea because my last subdivision was quite large, and we got a LOT of flyers weekly - some were door hangars, some hung on the mailbox, and the worst were those just 1/2 rolled and stuffed between the mailbox and flag. Those ended up blowing around your yard, etc.
                Pissed me off constantly.
                The first baggie I received was lawn care, and in 2 years in that home (I moved in with my wife when we married) I also got a roof company and Avon.
                I've recommended it to companies and it's always been successful, when compared with the other options.
                Didn't mean to get anyone all angry, and I appreciate the other view (people hire landscapers so they don't have to bend over!) - but if a company is considering flyers, etc. it is another alternative. And, personally, I like it better.
                Have a great Sunday, all.


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                  jonrpatrick I don't think anyone is "PO'd" we are just trying to help. Starting a lawn care business can be very hard and we just want to work together to learn. I was a little jumpy at this one because I have read problems about this here and other places. You have to be very careful with ads not to upset anyone.

                  Steve in one of his videos talks about - grass seeds in a bag todo the samething as the rocks but putting a note in it saying "heres a gift for a problem spot"


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                    No biggie, man. Not Po'd at all.

                    One of the calls I got was an estimate. After the estimate I ask my marketing questions, you get to find out what is working and what isn't and tweak the fliers that way...... After telling me the veteran owned caught his eye, and the other two companies giving bids were because of years being in business and seeing them around he told me 2 companies didn't get the call because they hung them on his mailbox. His thought process was if they were too lazy to walk a neighborhood, he didn't want them on his lawn.

                    It's just a warning on how customers actually think. Not to mention mailboxes are illegal to use. Whether putting something inside or hanging.


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