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How to start a lawn care business a whole NEW way **** 20% off program

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  • How to start a lawn care business a whole NEW way **** 20% off program

    How to start a lawn care business a whole NEW way
    A guide to creating a fun, profitable lawn care business and becoming a better human being in the process
    Available in downloadable ebook form or paperback and cdrom. I believe this book and included extras will teach you step by step how to start a very profitable lawn care business OR overhaul your exising one and create an above average income with benefits like health care, retirement, TIME OFF, and tax benefits****and increases your abilities as a lawn care business person and leader in your field. I believe that this ebook and program will save you YEARS of painful, expensive trial and error and get you on the road to success quickly and with lightening effectiveness.
    ================================================== =============

    Why THIS particular program?:
    • I use all these techniques in my own lawn care business and know firsthand that they work.
    • I've been fine tuning these methods for EIGHTEEN years in my own lawn care business
    • I've made all the mistakes so you don't have to!
    • It focuses on tuning you up, and achieving a state of being as well as teaching you specific techniques, so it's very "holistic" in nature.

    I will show you:
    • One tip that can save you thousands in worker's comp insurance!
    • One thing to tell prospects that will ELIMINATE price shoppers completely!
    • 10 rules that can cut your office time in HALF!
    • What equipment to buy and what NOT to buy - specific brands and models!
    • Little known resources to get equipment parts as much as 50% off the dealer's price!
    • How to USE your equipment to work 50%-100% faster
    • How to grow your business up to 100% or MORE without hiring ANY more employees or buying any expensive equipment that depreciates faster than you can pay it off.
    • How to work part time and TAKE HOME over $40k per year
    • The ONE service to NEVER offer to a brand new client
    The valuable eBook "How to start a lawn care business a whole NEW way" complete with tips on what equipment to buy, how to use it, how to setup your office, finance advice, marketing tips and a "how to" section for each task. Also included is a resources list that can save you YEARS of reasearch and trial and error as well as numerous resources to "guide" you to trust and believe in yourself and feel GREAT about where you're headed. You will receive updates and bonus chapters as they are created for ONE YEAR.

    I'll include ALL these FREE BONUSES
    • My Own Company Operations Manual (VALUE $125)
    • Estimate forms with specific language and legal disclaimers for basic, planting, lawn installation and snow removal bids (VALUE $55)
    • Letters of instruction for after care for lawn and plant installation (VALUE $23)
    • 12 Letters to send clients for price increase, "welcome back", etc. (VALUE $25)
    • Sub contractor, legal NDA, and non-compete agreement (VALUE $450)
    • Our payment formula document for our subcontractors (VALUE $20)
    • Sample route sheets and work lists that we use to stay efficient (VALUE $20)
    • Mulch, seeding and hedge trimming estimator (excel) (VALUE $50)
    • Recorded times for various landscape tasks (VALUE $50)
    • Spring and fall "ready prep" lists (VALUE $10)
    • Complete Quickbooks™ company setup - (worth the price of this program in time savings alone!) (Must have Quickbooks™ 2006 or newer, sold separately.) (VALUE $250)

    I Walk the Walk
    My lawn care business operation is a 2 man operation with several sub contractors in place.I make PLENTY of money and I only work until noon 4 or 5 days per week, haven't worked a weekend in 5 years, AND we live and work in Maine where we have the shortest season of almost any state. In addition, my only employee is the highest paid lawn care employee in our town and works 40 hours per week while I work, on average, less than 20. My "benefit to owner" pay is approx $47,000 per year as follows;
    My “Take Home Pay”
    • My paychecks of $34,000
    • SIMPLE company contribution of $1,050 (3% of total wages)
    • Office and garage rent paid to us by my business of $3,600
    • One vehicle (my lawn care truck) $3,000 conservative (details later)
    • Partial phone and internet subsidy $600
    • Health insurance deduction $1,324 (28% tax bracket x gross insurance amt.)
    • Oh yeah, PROFIT!! $3-$5k per year*
    • TOTAL $46,574.74 - $48,574.74

    I'll do my best to MOVE AND INSPIRE you to make DOUBLE what your competitors make. I make an average of $60 PER MAN PER HOUR which is nearly DOUBLE what most other contractors bring in here in Central Maine. In fact, I make an average of $80 per man hour on spring and fall cleanups and $70 on basic maintenance, AND my overall prices are either the same or only slightly higher than my competition.

    That is a great book! I read it and it is very professionally done...nice work!

    Awesome book for beginner, Highly recommended and VERY reputable and Honest

    Hi Ken,
    I really liked your book. I think it hit home and the more others know about it the more they will read it.

    How to Start a Lawn Care Business a Whole New Way! is the title of the book and it is one of the Lawn Blog’s must reads. There are a lot of books on this topic out there but only a few can capture its reader. This book when you start to read it you want to finish are able to take something with you, and apply it to your business. Great job Ken! We look forward to any future works.
    The Lawn Blog

    My association with you has tripled my business and moved me ahead at LEAST 3 years from where I'd be if I did it all alone. Using the techniques in the Lawn Guru program have definitely saved me time, frustration AND MONEY! Thank you!

    Jeremy Mushero
    JM and Sons Lawn Spe******ts

    Kenneth LaVoie III
    LaVoie's Landscape Mgmt. Inc.- Winslow, Maine

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    Ken great offer thanks for sharing!
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