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    First, I forgot to announce to the Forum that Green Applicator Mall is now completely free. We have decided to make it a free service to the Green Industry, it will be paid for by our banner advertisers. So use the site all you want, it is FREE!!!

    Second, this week is our unofficial launching of the site. To celebrate we are having a Listing Extravaganza. List an item this week anytime before midnight on Sunday November 15 and be automatically entered into our drawing for a $100 Visa Gift Card.

    If you don't have a product or equipment you can list, we also have classified ads where you could advertise your services or we have a help wanted ad section. Any listing will qualify you for the drawing.

    Hope to see you there!
    Holly Graus


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    That's a great marketing idea.

    Another thing you could potentially do is have a list of lawn care service providers that are broken up geographically. A homeowner could potentially pull up your site to seek out a lawn care business in their area and this will help the lawn care business improve it's website listing in search engines because it will be a back link. This could attract more lawn care businesses to your site as well.

    Then you could send out email newsletters to them with the latest sales going on at your site.
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