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  • hello

    Hello everyone..i am new to site. glad i found it..has lots of usefull information..just a couple of questions to start off with..does having a sign on your trailer gate and truck help increase customer total alot.? Im thinking about having one made however im just a junior in highschool and cant take on to many more yards..or wont be time for school work. appreciate anyones help.

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    Having a sign on your truck would help. Though if your booked & wont be able to take on many more customers, I wouldn't bother with it. It does look nice, though if it's not necessary due to school, maybe get a truck sticker instead?


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      Everything Helps!

      Welcome to the forum. Glad to see you geting a start so young. I started my company when I was 19 and has given me a great life! My advice regarding the signs would be to put signage in every "appropriate" place. The trailer tailgate is a great place since people who are following you generally have much more time to either write down your info or at least remember it. Even though you might not be able to take on additional work right now, you still want to build name recoginition in the comminity. And you never know, you might get an opportunity of a lifetime just from one executive or one condo boardmember that may have seen your sign. Last but not least, make sure everything you do is done professionally. Having poorly done signage can do more harm than having none at all! If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask. Good Luck!!


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        thanks for the help so far..this will be my 5th year in the business started when i was 12 and love every bit of it..couldnt imagine doing anything else..i do believe im going to order me a aluminium full color sign for my tailgate along with a window decal so people will see it when im not pulling the trailer around.


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          Welcome to the Forum!

          Tommy is right on the money!

          Building up your name will help you in the long haul!!

          Artie Crowley


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            does having a sign on your trailer gate and truck help increase customer total alot.?
            Welcome to our forum.

            If you have a trailer you should have signs on it. Even if you hand make them. Keep us posted on this.
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