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  • Hello Everyone, New Guy Here

    Hello everyone, I am glad I found this forum and I am excited to see the support and wealth of information shared by its members. Thank you, and a few things about myself. I am currently employed at a nuke plant in California. I am planning to move back to my hometown, Chicago, to start a lawn bussiness with my father in the spring of next year. My father has been in the lawn bussiness for years but he never fully decided to venture on his own.I guess he has the fear that many people do, when working a secure job for so long. He does a few jobs here and there on his spare time and already has the majority of equipment needed to start his own business. I guess he kinda expected me to work with him on starting the business after graduating high school but I joined the Marines and went off to serve our country. After I left the military I stayed in California and did not go back but I always had a feeling in my heart to return and help him get started. I am now confronted with situations in life that have guided me towards returning home and giving the business a try. I am very excited and I am actively researching for as much information. When it its time to start the bussiness I want to be able to have set stragety. Again thank you members and hope to chat sometime.


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    Hi Cosme,

    Welcome to our forum!

    I think there are many readers who find themselves wanting to make a go of it but yet never do. Can you give us some insights as to what made you decide to go ahead and do this?

    What advice do you have for others who are just kind of caught in limbo and are afraid to get started?
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      Welcome to G forum Cosme!

      Artie Crowley


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        Welcome to the forum Devil Dog!

        I've only been here a few months myself, but I've learned SO much here. It's an invaluable resource!

        Semper Fi.


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          My father has been in the lawn bussiness for years but he never fully decided to venture on his own.I guess he has the fear that many people do, when working a secure job for so long.

          First and foremost, Welcome to the forum! This post is not to 'flame' you whatsoever so I hope you don't take it that way. I just want to voice my opinion on this issue and possibly help people in the process.

          A lot of people feel this way. However, how safe is your 'safe' job? No matter what field you are in, without someone selling the product or service your company provides, you are unemployed. This works for ALL jobs. In business for yourself? Great! Now instead of your job hanging in someone else's hands, it's now in yours! You need to sell your product/service. I don't know about you but I feel much more comfortable being in control of my money.

          I never did understand people saying that they NEED a 'promised' paycheck. How 'promised' is it? If the sales force doesn't deliver, somebody is without a job!

          I should give up on lawn care and become a motivational speaker with my experience. lol

          Really!!!! Not to make you feel uncomfortable. This is just a statement that I have heard TONS of times already.


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            Hello everyone thanks for replies.

            JDS I agree with you no job out there is really secure unless someone is selling. I feel the same way as you I rather be in control of my own situation than relying on someonelse. I feel that in these tough times there is still opportunity out there. Maybe one has to work a bit harder to get those sales



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              Welcome From ALMA

              First and most important, I want to thank you for your service in the Core! I was born on the base in S.C while my dad was in the Marines. The disciplines and other things you brought back from your service will not only help you in everything you do in life, but they will particularly shine in your business! I trained several maintenance operations in the Chigcago area and the sky is the limit out there! When you get settled, please don't hesitate to call on me for any advice...your going to kill it out there! Good Luck!


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