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    Hello, new member here. I have been unemployed for awhile so I decided to start cutting lawns. I like being outside and I don't mind breaking a sweat, I bought a Great Dane surfer 48" used, it has taken up some of my time doing some maintainence that hasn't been done in awhile. I don't have too many jobs yet, I am plugging along though.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Artie Crowley


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      Hi rblethen,

      Welcome to our forum!

      What kind of work did you do previously?

      What are you doing now to market your new business?
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        Thanks for the welcome, I am a truckdriver by trade, I owned my own truck and trailer for about twenty years. I took care of most of my own maintainence, The lawn mower parts are easier to handle, I am in the process of making my used Great Dane stander better than new, well new enough to take care of my few accounts.

        My wife found this site, she and I are in this together, she has a steady job, I wanted to be home more often and this seemed like the business to be in. I have always taken care of my own lawn and a few others, At my ex-wifes house previous to her being the ex, I had planted
        a hedge row, and about 50 Leland Cypress trees, a few fruit trees and some Blue spruce. Not to mention the 100 by 60 vegetable garden with an asparagus bed.

        I worked on a farm growing up, I am interseted in grass recycling and using organic fertilizers, I have never bagged my own grass i have always lft the clippings on the lawn, It is a waste of money and time to bag clippings not to mention a waste of nitrogen and other nutrients.

        There is a wealth of info on this site, I am amazed.. I have been looking over some of the flyer templates, I got a big laugh out of the lost dog flyer with the nice grass. I started so late in the season it will be difficult I think to get more than a few lawns, I also have a plow truck that I am going to start advertising for the snow season, of course I will mention that I also cut grass and do fall cleanups.

        I will keep you guys up-dated, Thanks, Robert


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          Hi Robert,

          That is fantastic!

          No matter when you start there will always be clients out there looking to switch lawn care service providers. Many new lawn care businesses get started in the Spring and drastically underbid. So when summer starts to roll around, they aren't making any money and then they stop showing up or they give up or whatever. So it's always a great time to market your business and show these new customers that you are reliable.

          Do you think you have learned a lot of business lessons by driving a truck for the years you did? Could you offer us any business insights you had from the time you spent driving?
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            Welcome to the forum! Your wife sounds like a keeper! She was apparently 'googling' your new trade. That says tons! Any questions you have will more than likely be answered here.


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