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  • I'm a newbie

    Hello Steve and Everyone,
    First off would like to say that I found some useful information when I started viewing your site off of google, which made me dig a little further and got me to this point. I recently retired from a job that I have worked for 31 1/2 years. I never realizd there were so many ins and outs to lawn care, but the more I check into it the more complicated it becomes. Finally got my business license and getting insurance now. Now all I need are customers and hopefully they will come soon so I can pay for all this equipment I have

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    Hi B Butler,

    Welcome to our forum.

    What kind of equipment did you just buy?

    What will you be doing to promote your lawn care service?

    I recently retired from a job that I have worked for 31 1/2 years.
    What type of work did you do?
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      Wecolme to the G Forum.

      Sounds like you are ready to go.

      Getting New Accounts!!!
      You will have to get out there and tell everyone you know that you have started your business, Call, Text, and email everyong and tell them to do the same for you.

      Do you have advertising yet.

      Make flyers, post cards, Business Card, vehicle lettering, Magnets, uniforms and The best one is our Vehicle Outdoor business card Holder. HAHA

      You can do all this stuff for very little money.

      Ask around the forum for great pricing and where we get our stuff.

      Let me know if you need any of these thing, and I will give you my source or other members can tell you theres.

      Artie Crowley


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