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    Hi every one
    I am new to the lawn care business I was a kitchen designer for 18 years. As a kitchen designer one can make on average of about $45,too a year. Do to the economy there is not a lot of people remodeling their kitchen so I am changing careers and I know a few people the or in the lawn care business and they seem to have a lot more money then I do so I know there is money to be made. My equipment is basic craftsman yard mower, push mower, weed eater, edger, hedger and blower. I could use all the advice I can get.

    Collins Lawn Care
    Shannon Collins

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    Welcome to forum!

    They have ton of great stuff on here.

    Good luck!
    Artie Crowley


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      Welcome to our forum!

      Oh that is fascinating!

      How did you enjoy the business of kitchen designing? Do you have any pictures of the designs you had created? I'd love to see them.

      What kinds of ways did you market and promote your kitchen design business?

      How has your new business been similar or different from your previous business?
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