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  • newbie from Michigan

    Hello, my name is Brian and I just started my business late in the year. I didn't get all my equipment until last week and so far I only have about 7 accounts. Is it to late in the game this year to get many more accounts? As far as marketing, I have wasted about $300 in the Oakland Press (30 day ad as of day 14 I have got about 4 calls total). Only other tool I have is Craigslist. So I guess my biggest questions are Is it to late to get customers and how do I get them?

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    Hi Brian,

    Welcome to our forum.

    Did any of those calls you got from the newspaper result in any jobs?

    Have you experimented with posting on craigslist?

    Have you gotten business cards out to family or friends?

    What about distributing flyers in your area?
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      I have only gotten about 4 calls like I said from the Oakland Press Newspaper and I have used Craigslist like I said. I am not sure what else is the single most effective way to advertise for this. Is it fliers?


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