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  • Introduction Empire Property maintenance

    Hi to everyone
    My name is justin Nickalls from Gold Coast Australia, I have been running my own company now for approx 5 months, Empire Property Maintenance.

    I have one contractor and we have approx 45 customers so far we use most of the common equipment
    2 Honda HRU216 mowers
    2 Stihl BR600 Blowers
    Shindiawa 26 Line Trimmer
    35cc Atom edger
    Ryan Dethatcher
    John Deere X740 with bagger
    and lots more as you all know

    I would love to get some feedback from eveyone out there as we are coming into winter here and on the Gold Coast it does not get very cold maybe 10' C at night and 23'C in the day but the grass is starting to stop growing so we are trying to pick up some work with gutter cleaning and Pressure cleaning.

    Please feel free to ask any questions and I look forward to your replies

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    Hi Justin,

    Welcome to our forum!

    What got you to start your lawn care business?

    As far as winter services go, are you handy where you could ask your customers if they have any home projects they need completing? Maybe they will have a list of things you could do for them?
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      Many of the big companies don't bother with snow removal for the walkways of customers. They do the driveways with their big awesome tractors, but the customer still has to shovel the walkway.

      You could get tons of customers, you can even get the same customers as the big guys, because your doing a different job.

      I did it last winter, I charged $35.00 per driveway, & $5-10.00 per walkway.

      It was a success, being the only One Shot Snow Removal Service.


      Snow Removal with big companies charge, $200-$300.00 per season (Montreal)

      Does it snow where you are :S ??

      Walkway: $100.00 / season
      Driveway: $35.00/per call

      Walkways = Your baby
      Driveways = Pocket cash, your womans pocket cash...

      Interesting or no?
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        I wish it would snow here but I do not think that it will ever get below about 50'F we use Celcius here which is about 10'C, We currently do extra work for some customers like re hanging gates and cleaning pools, I have just orginised 9700 flyers to be handed out this week by a company that does flyer distribution in some of the local areas. I am having trouble tracking down some Raptor or Gator Blades for my John Deere X740 with a 54C deck, if you have any suppliers over there or can give me some feedback as well on them that would be great.



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          Too many Justin's on this forum...


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