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    Sup all,
    Few things about me, have just got back from third deployment overseas, own a fence company, and just decided to get into the lawncare industry. My fence company has a good rep but just not busy enough to keep employees decided to venture into more. I am extremly excited about getting started..going slow. I have learned of some really good leads though. Starting with (hold laughs lol) tractor style mower, curved residential weedeater, a 6x12 trailer with drop ramp to the rear. I just recently talked with someone my wife grew up with in the area who was very sucessful in the lawn industry in this area threw alot of info and ideas my way. This site seems pretty useful with a ton of resources. I have had some trouble using the different documents such as the: bens-etimate letter. I was unable to change the info on there to add my own. Being that I am still working my way through microsoft for Dummies (lol), didn't know if there was a guide for changing some of the info on the documents. Tried the microsoft guide which did nothing for me lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated...looking forward to chatting more on the forum.

    Semper Fi,


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    Hi Cooper,

    Welcome to our forum.

    I have stopped using Microsoft word and I am now using Open Office it's free.

    What kinds of things have you been doing to promote your lawn care?

    Have many of the business skills you learned through your fence company applied to this new venture?
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      Welcome home, Devil Dog, and best of luck!



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