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  • Lawn Guy Introduction

    Hello all, I have posted here a few times without really introducing myself.
    I come from an industrial painting background and I'm getting a bit too old to climb the steel and breathe carcinogens all day. I love being outside in the sunshine and the smell of fresh cut grass so I figured why not make a go of it professionally. I've got a logo which I got here and I'm off and running.
    I put a free ad up on craigslist and got a response which I went and did. Afterwards, I went up and down the street with a flyer I had made and got another job from that. After that lawn, the gentleman inquired about removing a tree stump and trimming his tree.
    I already told a couple of people about this site which as I say is fabulous. And that Steve guy is really focused and should be a millionaire by now.
    Thanks all and God Bless.

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    Thanks and welcome to our forum!

    How involved are you within your community? Are you a member of any organizations? Have you been able to reach out to them to let them know you are now running a lawn care business?

    Do you feel that you are able to take any of the skills you had developed in your previous career and apply it to your new venture?
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