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Hello, new lawn care provider here

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  • Hello, new lawn care provider here

    Im a 39 year old who loves to work. I am a car dealer, tow truck driver, movie theatre employee and a farmer. I raise cows, goats, chickens and ducks.

    I want to start a lawn care co to have some extra cash. The wife and I are going to do the Dave ramsey pay off all your bills thing. I thought we could pay off things faster if I was makeing more money. I have alot of jobs but still have time to mow. I hate to watch tv.

    I put a small ad in the paper and have had 1 client. I bid his yard and we have a deal. 35 a mow when ever it looks like it could use it.

    I used this website to get a form. It said Gotta Mow on the top. Would it be ok If I call my little mom and pop co. Gotta Mow Lawn Care? I know it was someone elses form I got from the forum. Oh well IM in concordia kansas and i dont think anyone will care if they are called gotta mow too..

    I will post and read on this forum. I like it.

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    Hi Jeff,

    Welcome to our forum!

    When you register your business name, you have to do a search to see if anyone else is using it. If it is available, you can use any name you want!

    What is that Dave Ramsey pay off your bills thing? Is that a seminar?
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