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Hello from Alberta, Canada

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  • Hello from Alberta, Canada

    Hi all,

    Lawn care business owner from Alberta, Canada. Started last year in the fall and got through our first season of snow removal. Really looking forward to spring and the growing season ... NOT to mention the warmer weather, LOL

    Looking forward to getting to know a few people here in the business!

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    Hey welcome to the forum,

    I am located in Ontario, Canada. Nice to see new Canadians join the forum

    Well if you have any questions, don't be shy


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      Welcome to our forum!

      How did you promote your snow plowing services? What is your view on your first winter season?
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        Welcome!! I am also from Ontario, Canada.
        Just as we thought spring was close we got more snow dumped on us today.


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          Welcome!! I am also from Ontario, Canada.
          Just as we thought spring was close we got more snow dumped on us today.
          Same here.. haha


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            Hi Justin & Canuck,

            I can sure relate to the snow, here we still have about a foot still on places in the yard.... south facing slopes exempt LOL I'm looking forward to being able to get out into the yards soon, i hope ... with luck in two weeks!

            Glad to see a few other Canadians here.


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              hey i'm from fort mac
              how did you chage for snow removal
              did you use blowers or a plow

              good luck


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                snow charge?

                Hey Grasskeepers,

                My snow removal charges were on residential yards only this last year. My prices varied from a per time fee of $30.00/hr to monthly fees ranging from $100.00 to $175.00 per month depending on the amount required.

                Due to being only on residential, we only used shovels, snowblower and a blower for real light stuff, depending on the day.

                What did you use?


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                  i used a combination of a single stage and 2 stage blowers depending on the snow i also chaged 200 a month for resdental snow removal. found out half way thought he season that an other company is chage 350 for the same service i also had a plow on my ztr.

                  where in alberta are you working???


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                    Welcome to the forums! I am from Ontario Canada here...Blue Mountain area to be exact.


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                      I'm in Camrose, Alberta, grasskeepers

                      Nice to see another Canadian here Richiem. How's things in Ont?


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                        Blue Mountain/ Collingwood area has exploded for many years now, I used to rent chalets for the winter around the Tyrolean Lane area. I left that area once Interwest bought Blue. I did ski patrol for Blue, you may find my liver kicking around the Jozo's area. Great area for sure.


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