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  • Hello Everyone!

    My name is Dylan, I live in Eugene, Oregon. I started my Lawn care service on April 1st, 2009(no joke) in an effort to find freedom. I have been an outside sale rep for a hardware company most recently, and was laid off the week of Christmas '08. I have decided that it is time in my life to go out on that proverbial limb and be 100% responsible for my own actions, and reap the rewards of my own hard work. I am very new to this trade(weekend jobs for friends and family, helping other professionals) but am looking forward to the excitement that comes with learning a new trade, and feel more compelled than ever in my life to be a success at this.

    Thank you for this opportunity to learn, I have mentioned this site to whoever will listen. I am very open to learn, so I hope to take advantage of this site often. Thanks again!

    Master Lawn Care, Eugene, Or.

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    Hi Dylan,

    Welcome to our forum!

    I'd love to hear a little about how you are feeling mentally after making such a decision. How has it changed your life?
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      Hey Dylan,

      I'm just down I-5 in the medford area. My first year too. If you can make it in outside sales, you can do this for sure!! I've been an advertising an sales manager and currently an operations manager, but am hoping to build up to making it doing yard service. What kind of marketing do you have in mind? The door hanger idea didn't exactly pop for me. I'm thinking of google and newspapers for the next wave.



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        thanks for the forum and site

        i am in australia, trying to get some buisness fast. i was mowing on previous occasion and want to get back into it. i just found your site, and am loving it. What i saw was a post with an idea to email the realtors in the area. could someone please send me the link with that thread ? i cant even find it in my history coz it is filled with too many entries ..arhg...
        email is great coz it is essentially free advertising/promotion when you got the email addresses.

        many thanks


        oops i meant to put this thread under the main thread
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          replies to Luke and Steve:

          Luke: thanks for the intro; I find myself falling back to my outside sales experience and really have had good luck w/ a decent brochure, cards, and walking through neighborhoods meeting people. I have sold my whole life selling my own service has been the easiest yet. i find people are more willing to say yes to someone that comes across as responsible and trustworthy, and I have found no better way(besides referrals) to do that then meeting people face to face and impress their socks off.

          Steve: Thanks for the intro, and your hard work on this site. I feel the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I had been trying to find a job for the previous 4 months you know, the same old work 50 hrs a week for 10% of what you sell. It just never happened, and I believe things either happen, or in this case don't happen, for a reason. I was forced to make a decision keep trying what seemed to be hopeless or find a way to succeed regardless of circumstance. I think I have made a wise decision(just wish I would have made it sooner!) and have made more money working less than ever before. What other business can you start with very little capital, use the equipment you have in your garage, and make what most people go to college 4-7 years to make hourly? I can't think of a legal one. I feel like I have found that freedom I was looking for, Steve!


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            What is your advice when it comes to selling to people? There are many new lawn care business owners on this site that may be afraid to go out and meet with people or just not know what to do.

            What could you tell them that would help make this easier on them?
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              selling to people 101

              First be your yourself, it is what you are best at, and people see threw BS pretty well.

              Second, be prepared! people are going to ask you questions about your services, have well thought out responses. This will help you direct the sale, rather than the prospective client, plus you get points for professionalism.

              Third, dress nice for the quote/first impression. you want to appear well put together, because this is the fist time your prospective client gets to judge you, and believe me, it starts immediately.

              Fourth, BE HONEST! if you don't know, don't be afraid to say you are willing to do more research. If you are just starting, let your prospect know. It may be the difference between a yes and a no. Some people want to feel they are helping a person out, especially someone willing to go out and do hard work for a honest price.

              Five- Don't be afraid of someone saying no thanks. just because they say no doesn't necessarily mean that they don't know someone who might say yes. besides, it good to get no's. You have to get through them to find the yes. I generally get some sort of return for every ten houses I talk to, wether it be an actual sale or a referral that pays off. For me, this is more efficient than paying for 100 fliers/hangers and getting one call. But you must be diligent.

              These are a few things I have learned, I hope they may help!


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