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  • Planning A New Start.

    first I'd like to say hello, my name is Tripz and I'm in need of some advice.
    I'm finally thinking about taking the plunge into starting my own mowing company. now I've spent the last 10 years and currently still working for Lawn Doctor , it's a great job i really enjoy the customers and the employees
    i work with. however i would really like to carve a nitch for myself and reap a little bit of the reward (so to speak) of the booming need for mowing contractors in my neck of the woods, now don't get me wrong there are alot of very well organized contractors here, but it's been my misfortune so far or maybe soon to be fortune that the customers i deal with on a daily basis always say to me. i wish i could find someone with the knowledge of turf & ornamentals that also understands the results I WANT! not just fly in hack it down from 3 inches to an 1 inch and leave a bill . i deal with this on a daily basis. maybe it's time ??

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    Hi Tripz,

    Welcome to our forum!

    Can you let the customers you service now know you are going to offer mowing? Is there anything contractual that would stop you from doing that?

    I bet you have learned a lot on how to interact with customers and perform these services. Have you been able to take some of those skills and apply them to your new business?
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