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    Hi, I found a lot of great info here. Got the template for my ad here. I have already put out 900 flyers in residential areas. I am a senior in high school working with about 4 others. We used the flyer with a spot to quote lawns on it. Should we expect to receive calls right away, or will people try to call other companies first to compare prices? We put them out Friday and have only gotten 2 calls. The first lady has a huge corner lot and wants us to bag, so we quoted $35 (we currently only have small push mowers). She got another quote at $25, so that was a fail. Our other call is for 4 lots owned by a church. They want us to be insured and be able to write a check to a business. So, unless we get a lot more commercial options we probably wont do it.

    Any suggestions on how we can get more jobs? Is it worth starting an llc and getting insurance? Then we have to do W2's and there are a lot more up-front-costs.

    Hows the website look?


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    Hi Jim,

    Welcome to our forum!

    When you hand out flyers, you can try and shoot for a 1% response. So if you handed out 900 flyers, that would be ideally 9 responses.

    Since you are in HS now, you should have a large social network. Can you try and harness that? Do all your friends know you are now in the business? Have you asked any of them if you could service their property?

    Have you thought about doing a good deed in your town and trying to get media attention for it? That could help too.

    How are you marketing to your social network?
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