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    I'm Brian Handy and my company is called Masters Touch Landscaping. I have been in business several years as a home inspector but the real estate market is in fairly poor shape so I have had to make in roads into the green industry after having been out of it for several years. I have been working for a Landscape Company for about a year as a crew leader and spe******t (in pruning, plant pathogens and diseases, fertilizing, irrigation, etc.). I have an inactive Landscape Contractor's license in CA and I am looking to start up my landscape business full-time because the company I work for is not paying enough to make it worth my while to work for them. Too many days of rain keep us from working regularly and I am under employed.
    Don't know if I will be doing landscaping or maintenance or both but I am 55 years old and the actual landscaping doesn't appeal to aging body. I do work hard in maintence and might look into the commercial end as I know how to bid the time.

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    Hi Brian,

    Welcome to our forum. What great services you have to offer! I bet no other lawn care business owner in your area could give a home owner a property review like you can!

    Have you mixed the two fields together? Do you offer a 21 point home and yard inspection in your estimate? That could be a great way to point out to home owners what potential problems they may have with their home and yard. With all of your knowledge I bet you could win a lot of customers over!
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