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    Been working for a guy since 98. I started out cutting grass being the weeder b*tch, now I have my classA and Im the foreman of a 7 man crew of a paving/sealing part of his business. In 2002 I finally bought a used rider. After that it seemed to all fall in my lap.I had money for a blower and weeder, The Trailer was the best thing i ever bought!! then found a guy selling a 500 dollar 85chevy pickup, bought that, found a 91chevy which the motor blew, sold that for parts and a week later I have a brand new 05 chevy ext cab DEMO which i got such a good price. I bought a new scag hydo, exmark rider and sold that trailer for a longer one. Now Im looking into driveway sealcoating. I Need to make some business cards and get more lawns to finally leave my boss of 13 years this sept.
    I notice I lack on motivation of the office part of this. Id like to send out a letter saying we are back business. Anyone have anything they would like to share? Thanks
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    Oh that is fascinating! So on a flyer you would like to promote seal coating and lawn care?

    How long does it take to seal coat the average driveway? When you put the flyer together, will you be able to put a price on the flyer or maybe a price range?

    How do you come up with a price for the job?
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