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  • I'm new and have a question

    My name is Melanie, my husband and I own a small Lanscaping business based in North Carolina. This is our third year in Business. He has handled the business entirely on his own. Two heads make better than one, and he doesn't always have the extra time to market the business to maximize it's full potential. I'm trying to learn as much about the business as possible in order to help it grow. We are planning to move to Florida at the end of the year so getting my nose it it now will help me understand the business and how to run it better the second time around. The business has doubled in profit and customers every year but we are always striving to get better and be the best.

    This is the first year I actually read my husbands "New Season Starting" letter and to be honest it really sucked. I am in the process of making a new one for him, but the question is:

    Question: When you say, cutting season will resume at the end of March or beginning of April how do you avoid going to a customers house and the lawn not needing to be cut. We have wasted trips to homes that are not needing to be cut for the last two years. Some grow sooner than others. Can anyone share a letter on starting a new season?


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    Hi Melanie,

    Nice to have you here.

    Have you checked out the free template section? There are a bunch of letters in there. Did any of them give you some creative ideas?
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