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Hello and greetings from Richmond VA

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  • Hello and greetings from Richmond VA

    Hello everyone and greetings from Richmond VA. My name is Chuck and I have just liberated myself from the US Army in which I spent 3 years as a Cavalry Scout with one deployment to Iraq. I have resurfaced into the civilian world only to discover a dry hole of a job market, even dispite a college education and military service. So, I am making the plunge this spring into the lawn care business. It is merely a brainstorm now, but with everyones help I hope to develop a thriving operation. I gess the first step should be a name, any suggestions? Any tidbit of info will be greatlly appreciated!

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    Hi and welcome!

    You know, I have gotten a chance to meet a bunch of guys who came out of the military to start their lawn care business and in my mind they are hero's. They have done things, as you have, that are things I have never done or never will do. I think this applies to many people across the country. We admire you!

    Now my question is why not harness that? As you have shared your story with us in your introduction, why not harness that and use it to sell you and sell your service?

    Why not call your business "Cavalry Scout Lawn Care." Why not tell your story on your website. In your marketing material. Have pictures of you from overseas in your marketing material. Why not?

    Can you imagine if you as a consumer had a choice to get your lawn maintained by a veteran vs. a non-veteran? Who would you choose? I would choose the veteran any day of the week! I would feel that in my own little way, this could be my way of thanking them for what they did. Why not harness that and get paid from it?

    What's your thoughts on that?
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