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    Hi, My name's Jack Carroll of Carroll's Lawn Service. I started this lawn service about a year and a half ago as a part time job from construction work. I got interested in lawn care by helping my father in law with his lawn business. I'm hoping to build my business up to a full time job. I enjoy being my own boss.

    My question is: When is a good time to advertise and how? How do I get commercial accounts?

    For fun I enjoy four wheeling in my rock crawler.

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    Hi Jack,

    Welcome to our forum! I'd love to see some pics from your rock crawling adventures!

    When is a good time to advertise?

    You should always be advertising something. Are you offering any services now during the winter? If so, what services have you come up with to offer?

    Also as far as commercial accounts, do you know a lot of people in your area that either work at local facilities that you can get contact information from or are in charge of it?

    Check out these articles on my blog for some ideas

    Also this one.

    How to get commercial lawn care accounts, without commercial references.

    Let me know how you do with this.
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