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  • Saying HELLO!

    Just wanted to say HELLO to everyone. My name is Jeremy Pogue live in Brandon, Ms. Just started my landscape maintenance business full time, I was a State Trooper for nine years and did lawncare on my days off, decided to leave Law Enforcement to start my own business. I was never home, hated that part of the "job". Love being home for my family, and working for myself. That is me in a nutshell. HELLO all!!

    Jeremy Pogue
    LawnWorks, LLC

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    Hi Jeremy,

    Welcome to our forum!

    WOW that is a great story! I don't often hear of guys leaving such secure government jobs like that for lawn care.

    How have you found your life to be since getting out of law enforcement? I would think you would be going from a very structured environment to a more creative one. Did you find that to be the case? Was the transition tough?
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      Leaving Law Enforcement

      Hello Steve,

      My life has been so much more stress free since leaving the Highway Patrol.
      The transition was easy for me, I suppose because I have been dissatisfied with the job for a great while, but I am grateful I was a Trooper for nine years. Would not change anything, I am so thankful to the men and women who continue to do the "job" everyday, GOD BLESS them. I love doing lawn care, really love having my own business. Even though I have only been in business for a short while I have a great feeling about it, have been networking a great deal, have had a few clients, still using my contacts in Law Enforcement to spread the word. Things are great. I would really like to have an animated banner for my website, think it would look great on there. Thanks in advance. Jeremy Pogue
      My website is:
      Name of my business is LawnWorks, LLC
      Free Estimates
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        Hi Jeremy,

        Here you go with your banner.

        have been networking a great deal,
        I think this is so very important and most people miss this. What advice do you have for new lawn care business owners, just starting out, on how to network? What kinds of things are you doing to network?
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          Welcome Jeremy...and good to have you with us. Nice start on the website too.


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            Hi Steve,

            I am very new to the lawncare business and have a tremendous amount to learn, but have always been good at communicating or networking as I like to call it. My wife says I never meet a stranger, Ha. After all are we not trying to sell ourselves and our company to people. Why should they choose my lawncare company over the other 150 ones around. I have been networking through my local Chamber of Commerce and there is a great deal of potential within that organization, LOTS of contacts. I take advantage of all the contacts I still have with my Law Enforcement friends, they know alot of people. And one unique thing I have to my advantage is the fact that I was a Trooper for nine years, and can establish a bit of trust much quicker with a great deal of people. One thing I have noticed around here is a large amount of people are dissatisfied with their lawncare company for this reason or that reason.. Seems like alot of these guys just stop caring about what the customer thinks somewhere along the way and then they just become a number. Like I said I still have a great deal to learn about this business, but seems the customer should be the MOST important thing on your mind when it comes to your business, afterall if it where not for them you would have no business. Customer should get what they pay you to do! Take care.


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              Hello, ritchiem

              Thanks so much for the welcome! And hope the website looks ok, do not know a thing about that line of work, but it turned out good and pretty functional. Take care.


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                welcome Jeremy
                Do It Yourself
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